The Uganda Mission Team

Opportunities Beyond Borders

Opportunities Beyond Borders

The Uganda Mission Team was formed in 1999 following a clergy exchange between our rector, The Rev. Mark Robinson and Canon Lusiana Kasamba who was the Anglican Chaplain and professor at Uganda christian University in Mukono, Uganda. While here with his wife Salome, he entered into every aspect of our parish life. He was our preacher, teacher and pastor and it was especially through his preaching and teaching that we began to understand the Ugandan culture and their deep faith. Canon preached the gospel as many of us had never heard it and he touched our hearts and souls in such a way that we knew this was a relationship that we wanted to both strengthen and deepen. We established a partnership, focused on education and have been providing scholarships for both higher education and vocational schools for 20 years. Our mission stays viable through our visits to Uganda and the many visits of Ugandans to Calvary. 



Over the years we have been visited by many Ugandans. They have been archbishops, bishops, priests, teachers, scholarship recipients and musical groups. We have hosted them in our homes and it is through this hospitality that we have had the opportunity to learn and somewhat understand the Ugandan people and their culture. We have become very aware of our own abundance as we look at our way of life through their eyes. Seeing this abundance tends to open our hearts to the needs of others. We also have learned that even though our cultures are very different, we are also very much alike. We long for what is best for our families and ourselves. Their deep, uncomplicated faith sustains them. They exhibit God’s joy in all that they do. Something many of us strive for. 

Who We Are


To inspire hope through support of educational initiatives for Ugandan children and young adults.


To empower more people in Uganda to achieve a higher level of education through sustainable programs. The majority of Calvary members will be actively engaged in supporting the team's mission and their faith strengthened through personal involvement.


To have as our foundation Faith in God, Love for each other and Christian Spirituality. But the greatest of these is Love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

To maintain an attitude of appreciation and respect for differences, dignity for all humanity in our roles and an approachable stance in communication. To assure trust in teamwork, listening and sharing, expecting harmony, expressing joy and recognizing that every member counts. 

Events & Projects

Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser

The Chicken BBQ Fundraiser is hosted every last week of June. 

Uganda Movie Night

The Uganda Movie Night is held every last week of May. Cultural education through film and food..



100% of funds raised support our mission activities in Uganda such as scholarships,
community projects both at Chain and Heritage Foundations.

Uganda State-side Fellowship

Chain Foundation Uganda

The Foundation and Orphanage was established in 2001 in Mukono, 12 miles from the capital city Kampala by the late archbishop, the Most Rev. Dr. Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo. ChAIN addresses the needs of local orphans, former street children, abandoned children, and the disabled. The orphanage was built on land owned by the Nkoyoyo family. The NGO is lead by Livingstone Welonde Mpalanyi, Nkoyoyo's nephew. A Board of Directors, composed of people from various professions and locations, advises the CHAIN Foundation. 

More than 200 orphans and other vulnerable children, including more than 40 blind students live at the orphanage which provides physical, educational, medical and spiritual help. The Foundation also assists many at-risk or disabled children who live in the nearby communities and provides community educational programs. Future expansion, which depends solely on donations and grants will create space for more than 100 blind or deaf children it will also increase the school size to give more local youngsters access to education. 

In June-July 2016, the CHAIN Foundation reported that tit was seeking to identify mothers between the ages of 15 and 24. Its purpose was to empower them to become independent, self-reliant and able to access community services that will eventually reduce the new cases of HIV/AIDS.

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The Heritage Education Center

The Rev. Canon Dr. Samuel Opol and his wife Margaretopened the the facility in 2010. Its sponsoring organization, The , had been established in September 2009 to make educational services more accessible to the children in the community.Since then, has expanded its goals to foster rural development and reduce poverty through empowerment and creation of opportunities.

Calvary Church assisted with funds that provided the seed money needed to receive a bank loan to complete a major portion of the facility. We are now paying the salaries of two of its teachers. 
As resident director, Margaret Opolhas become the on-the-ground person,responsible for strengthening management team and achieving its overall mission. In 2016 the foundation's newsletter The Heritage reported a total enrollment of 152 students and a staff of 12 teachers.

Award of $10,000 Grant to Calvary-HEC Mission Partners. In July 2017, the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut awarded the mission partnership of Calvary Church and the a $10,000 grant to provide funding for the sustainable development in Serere, Soroti - Uganda. The project concerns 4 of the 17 established at a special summit of the in 2015, when world leaders embraced a sweeping 15-year global action plan to end poverty, reduce inequalities and protect the environment. The 4 addressed by project encompass: 

  • Transforming the community economy 

  • Ending hunger through promotion of sustainable agriculture. 

  • Ensuring equitable quality education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

  • Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems; 
    Sustainability managing forests; and reserving land degradation and biodiversity loss. 

The global plan of action replaced the 's Millennium Development Goals set in 2000. In 2005, the Episcopal Church in Connecticut resolved to designate 0.7% of total annual spending to a Millennium Fund toward achieving UM Millennium Development Goals. The Millennium Fund, now known as the Sustainable Development Fund, provides financial support for mission projects under the 's umbrella.

Teammates for Life

Teammates For Life's mission is to establish “ partnerships with individuals who support improving disadvantaged communities using mentoring and educational initiatives, resulting in their ability to become self-sustaining.”
Vianna McGugan - its founder, president and CUMT member has been known to have “ a heart for improving children and a strong belief in the transfomative power of sports to build self-esteem and teamwork. ” An athlete herself with a Connecticut Coaching Certification, she was named Connecticut High School Couch of the year in 1993 and inducted into the Stonington Basketball Hall of Fame - 2005 and the State of Connecticut Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - 2011. She has created and coached numerous basketball teams for boys and girls in Uganda.

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Some of Our Scholarship Recipients

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