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The Parish of Calvary Church was founded in 1847 within the small, bustling seaside New England village of Stonington, CT. At that time there were seven active other churches in Stonington. Our current stone church building, designed by architect Richard Upjohn, was consecrated in 1849 and completely restored in 1995-97 and made barrier-free for all worshippers.

Stonington and its Borough were prospering in the late 1840’s and 50’s. Paddle-wheel steamers of the “Stonington Line” brought passengers from New York to take the new railway to Providence and Boston, with many travelers stopping over on the way at the Wadawanuck House and the Steamboat Hotel. Twice as many people lived in the Borough then as now. The Borough was busy, noisy, and pungent, as was any thriving village along the coast in the mid 1800’s.

Today, Calvary Church vigorously pursues its mission of ministry to this community and the world and has a committed following of parishioners of all ages. We hope you will find yourself a place among the seekers and Saints in Calvary Parish. We pray it will become a place from which you can serve Christ in this community and the world.