Reverend Gillian R. Barr


Gillian spent the first 20-some years of her life in Annapolis, Maryland, where she came to love history, old buildings, the water, and small boats. Both of her late parents were teachers, so her love of teaching and learning is genetic. In addition to Annapolis, she lived in Rochester, Minnesota; San Diego, California; and several cities in Virginia before moving to Providence, Rhode Island five years ago. She is a graduate of the College of William and Mary in Virginia (BA), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Virginia Theological Seminary (Anglican Studies). Prior to discerning her call to ordained ministry she worked in history museums, as a lay Director of Christian Education in parishes, and as an assistant manager in public libraries.

Outside of ministry, her interests include travel, history of all sorts, photography, folk music, sports cars, college football, moderate exercise, reading, pets, Harry Potter, stationery and fountain pens. She is currently pet-servant to Roxy-cat, a dilute tortoiseshell. She grew up with dogs, and hopes to adopt a rescue Brittany when the time is right. She is ecstatic about her call to Calvary Church and looks forward to making Stonington her home.


Mary-Lloyd Brainard, Deacon Emerita


Following the death of her husband in 1993, Mary-Lloyd returned to Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History. Prior to that time she worked in her family real estate appraisal business and kept busy with her three teenagers - Jeffrey, Stephen and Lisa.

Mary-Lloyd’s life soon took another turn, and in December of 1998 she was ordained to the Diaconate at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut by Bishop Andrew Smith. Her first assignment was to this Little Stone Church by the Sea in the Boro of Stonington. Mary-Lloyd was quite surprised, if not a little disappointed, that she was not going to be working in a parish closer to where she was living in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, but she began work at Calvary and settled into the Boro. Mary-Lloyd soon realized that Bishop Smith had made a very wise choice.

Mary-Lloyd's six-year tenure at Calvary was followed by a reassignment to St. John’s in Essex. Her work at both parishes included participation in the liturgy, in a variety of outreach programs and in pastoral care. In 2010 she made the decision not to accept another assignment and returned to Calvary as Deacon Emeritus. It was the parish she called home.

In her new role, Mary-Lloyd participates “as needed and available” and is truly blessed to be a part of the Calvary Family.