Getting Ready


The Altar is a significant place of peace and hope.  The articles that surround the altar and rest on it have been passed along from our church families for decades.  Every sacred piece has been either polished, washed, ironed or combed and carefully positioned to its same location each Sunday.

The significance of this setting has not been lost on our young acolyte who is stretching out every inch of his short frame to light the special, tall candle.  Although he is still young in his journey to reach spiritual maturity, there are stirrings in his soul.  He has a front row seat each Sunday and watches the impact the altar and Holy Eucharist have on our parishioners. He sees people many years his senior approach the altar…some anxious and troubled.  He watches them leave the altar with a renewed sense of peace and optimism.

He thinks to himself:  “My job is really important.  I feel good about this place. I like it here."

~ Dick Wertz