Notes From Calvary


July 20, 2018

Liturgies this Sunday, July 22, 2018

Spoken Holy Eucharist, Rite I, at 8 AM
Holy Eucharist, Rite II, at 10 AM

Dear Friends, 

This Sunday we have Psalm 23 as our appointed Psalm for the day. It is a great reminder for us in this transition to remember who our Good Shepherd has been and will be. It is a Psalm widely believed to be written by David. In the Psalm, the author claims the very close and nurturing relationship of a shepherd to his/her sheep. It is interesting to note that this psalm comes soon after the psalm that is known as the Psalm of the Cross, where there is no still waters or green pastures. Often in life, it is only when we have experienced the sense of abandonment in psalm twenty-two, where it says, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" that we are able to fully appreciate and come to the place of saying, "The Lord is my Shepherd." It is, I believe, the harrowing experience of our Good Shepherd having gone through the depths of darkness, that He is able fully to be present for us as the Good Shepherd. He knows what it is like not to have the nurturing love, comfort and security from those we love. 

Know that you are beloved and our Good Shepherd knows us by name. 

In Christ, 
Ajung Sojwal 


Notice from the Junior Warden - Lead Remediation

Beginning Monday, July 23rd and continuing to approximately Aug 23rd, lead remediation painting and cleaning in the Calvary Chapel will be conducted. During that time it will be very important that all parishioners obey posted signs and try at all costs to avoid that area. No painting is likely to occur on the weekends, but please still be cautious. Plan to enter the building in the door near the kitchen instead of the Chapel entrance as painting is going to happen in that entrance way. There should be very little scraping so air particles are not likely to be a concern, but the area may be completely sealed off at times for safety. I appreciate your patience during this time, and all efforts will be made to limit the disruption. Thank you. John Phelps, Calvary Junior Warden.


Senior Warden's Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the All Parish Meeting on June 18th! It was an excellent opportunity for the 70 attendees to meet with our transition consultant, the Rev. Virginia Army, and ask questions about the process of searching for our next rector. In addition, the vestry was able to share with the parish some information on the overall health of Calvary Church; and for the parish to share its thoughts and concerns regarding some of the challenges to be addressed. Topics included the church's financial status, the condition of its physical property, the needs and challenges of both Calvary Music School and Calvary Nursery School, amongst others. 

While many challenges for Calvary Church were identified, it was clear that the spirit of the Church is strong, and your vestry is working hard and in a deliberative manner to address the needs of the Church during this transitional time. With the help of so many of the parish's volunteers and lay leaders, we are confident we can continue to "fill the gaps". For the near term, the Vestry has identified several items that it will be working on, including: 

1. Set clear guidelines for the relationship of the church with both Calvary Music School and Calvary Nursery School

2. Establish the best use of space on the church campus to accommodate the heavy demands of a busy church.

3. Address the administrative needs of the church, CMS and CNS. This will include upgrading the use of technology in the office and improving the website.

4. Continue to actively seek a new music director.

5. Form a plan to address significant deferred maintenance issues in the Sellers building and Parish Hall.

Some clarity on these issues will be needed for any incoming Rector. Regarding the transition, we continue to move forward with the help of our diocesan consultant. The Vestry is currently targeting October to formerly commission the four sub-committees (Discernment, Recruitment, Hospitality and Prayer) that comprise that transition team. As the Rev. Virginia Army explained, while the transition can seem like too long a process, this important discernment greatly increases the likelihood of a successful result. When the Vestry creates the lists of parishioners to serve on these important teams, please give it prayerful consideration, if called to serve. 

Jennifer Parsons
Betsy Carr
Co Senior Wardens



A Day Trip to Hartford's Wadsworth Atheneum, Thursday, August 9, 2018

Join us for a day trip to Hartford's Wadsworth Museum to see the Frederic Church exhibition: "A Painter's Pilgrimage." A leading painter of 19th-century America and the Hudson River School, Frederic Church (1826-1900) was born in Hartford, Connecticut and traveled to the Holy Land to paint its scenery and broaden his faith. We will join a guided tour by the exhibition's curator after which we will enjoy a lunch at the museum cafe and have free time to browse the museum's collection. Our group will meet at Calvary, 27 Church Street in Stonington at 10:00 a.m.and travel by car pool to Hartford (car pool volunteers needed) and return to Calvary by 5:00 p.m. Cost: Museum entry fee is $12 (or $10 if we are a group of ten or more) Lunch at the Museum's Cafe is $18. Please RSVP to Tom Verde at or call 860-710-1932. Also please advise if you can drive in the car pool. 

Here is a link for more info on the exhibition:

Tom_s trip to Wadsworth Atheneum - 8-09-18.jpg



Staff Vacation Times!

If you're one of our Calvary saints who contribute frequently to our bulletin notes in the gold insert each week or to our weekly Notes from Calvary or head committees who rely on prompt communication with our staff, we thought that knowing vacation times might be helpful.

Bob (our Sexton) is off this year for the months of July and August. Our own Alice Despard will be our acting sexton during this time.  Alice was sexton in her previous church so she knows the expectations well.  Welcome, Alice!  

Janet (Financial Secretary and keeper of all financial records) will be away from Wed., July 11 through Fri., July 20, returning to the office on Mon., July 23.  She will also be away Mon., Aug. 27 through Mon., Sept. 3 (Labor Day), returning to the office on Tues., Sept. 4.

Phyllis (Parish Secretary) will be away Mon., August 6 through Fri., Aug. 17, returning to the office on Mon, Aug. 20.  She will also be away Tues., Sept. 4 through Mon., Sept. 10, returning to the office on Tues., Sept. 11.

Notes from Calvary will continue to be sent through July 27th.  With staff away, the Notes will not be sent from August 1 through Labor Day.  Have a wonderful summer, and we'll be back September 7th! 


Stained Glass Book - Bette Collins.jpg

Meditations on the Stained Glasses of Calvary

Thank you to all who have "joined the mission" to preserve the Stained Glasses of Calvary
for posterity by purchasing the book. Jim and I report to the congregation that the amount of $5,237.73 has been donated to date to the window fund from the purchases of the book and associated donations. As already reported, one hundred percent of the proceeds from the book sale go to the church if bought through us - we absorb the state sales taxes. The church requested checks for the purchase of the book be made to Bette M. Collins to simplify its accounting. Accordingly, Jim and I set up a business account in the State of CT. Our donation tax advantages will also be calculated and donated to Calvary for the window fund. So thank you all. Bette MacGregor Collins, Author, Meditations on the Stained Glasses of Calvary.


Opportunities to help in our community!

Volunteers Needed.jpg

Greetings, Calvary Cooks

Summer is flying!!  That means the Annual Village Fair is around the corner...well, within the corners of Wadawanuck Square.  That means we can get our ovens warmed and stir up some batter for treats to sell at the Sweet Tooth Booth on Saturday 4 August (1:00 - 4:00). 

As in past years, if you can participate in this fundraiser for the COMO, you are invited to bring your sweet contributions ++ to my house on Thursday (2 Aug) or Friday (3 Aug) so I can package them -- it's easy for me to do that -- pans of brownies can come "as they are" and I will cut them, too.  I try to make all the portions (number of cookies, size of brownies) similar  for easy display and pricing. This ECW tradition has been a welcome part of the Fair, and the donations to the Community Center are very much appreciated.

Let me know if you can help this a cook..or as a booth attendant (when might you be available?  We need only 2 -3 people at a time; I will be there all the time.)  Would you like to help set up or close up?

Hearty thanks!

(860) 535-3623

3 Cemetery Road (at the corner of Elm St./Rte 1A and Cemetery Road; "across the street" from Saltwater Farm Vineyard)

++ Sweet Treats -- note if any contain nuts; note if any are gluten-free

Cookies, brownies, blondies, bars, cupcakes & cakes (bear in mind, icing melts in hot weather), candy, loaf cakes, coffee cakes, scones, fudge, candy, etc. are all welcome.