Note from The Wardens


Dear Parish,

In our previous message, we asked that should you be called to serve on a transition team, you give it prayerful consideration. The Vestry is delighted that the 4 teams have now been identified, with the members of each having expressed their willingness to serve in the crucial roles. Each group will be tasked with performing important and specific roles called upon them in the transition process as we move forward to calling a new Rector. 

The Team Members and their respective teams are listed below. We hope you can join us this Sunday, October 28th, at either the 8:00 AM or 10:00AM services (or both!) for the commissioning and blessing of the teams.

As an important reminder, the All Parish Discernment Meeting will be on Saturday November 3rd from 9:00-12:00. Please make every effort to attend this meeting. A full parish participation is crucial to capturing a true profile of our church and is one of the most important steps in our transition process.

If you are interested in reviewing the steps of Transition I have provided a link

Our Transition Teams


Liefe Wheeler, Chair

Mary Lloyd Brainard

Patty Copp

Julie Dowd 

Bev Kowal

Ellen McCollum


John Groton, Chair

Jean Baur

Amy Hambly 

Juliet Hodge 

Tim Murney

Kate Robbins 

Jim Taylor


Carole Barnard, Chair 

Amy Carvell

Mary Hughes

Evelynn Lyons

James McAuley

Lori Taylor


Barbara Loftus, Chair 

Rick Bromley

Charlie Buffum

Deb Burgess 

David Leeming 

Karen McGee

Polly Spring 

Dave Stevenson